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The Greatest Natural Resource


You Tube have been hosting a channel for video content from the World Economic Forum in Davos ("This year, you get to join them"). Amongst the videos of the sessions, is a fascinating little project called "The Davos Question". The question in question, so to speak, is: "What one thing do you think that companies, countries or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?"

As well as contributions from the great and the good (here’s the one from Bono, who looks like he’s been caught on the hop somewhat) they invited You Tube users to submit their own answers to the question, some of which were screened at Plenary sessions. Amongst the submissions is this one from freesoulJAH in which he makes what I think is an amazing point about how if we just thought of our children as our greatest natural resource instead of oil, or gas, or anything else we dig out of the ground, then our priorities would be a whole lot different and, frankly, a whole lot better. I know I’m an old hippy, but that just meant something to me. Here he is:

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