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Redefining Media, Redefining Advertising

Four quotes from things I’ve read in the last 24 hours that I think quite neatly sum up the required redefinition of both media and advertising:

A quote from Jeff Jarvis that features in this presentation on the new relationship between media brands and their audiences (thanks to Asi for punting this my way):

"The tsk-tskers treat the web as if it is a media property and they judge it by its worst: Look what that nasty web is doing to our civilization! But, of-course, that’s as silly as judging publishing by the worst of what is published. It’s even more wrong because the internet is not media – no matter how much media people insist on seeing the web in their image. Instead it is, as Doc Searles points out, a place where we talk"

A quote I have used before but which I was reminded of by Dino – Umair Haque at Havas Media Lab:

"In an interconnected world, media is everywhere: it’s the stuff that plugs consumption and production together. The opportunities for value creation are greater than ever before – but we must expand our vision of what media is to begin realizing them."

Seth Godin (via):

"The public works tirelessly to flee to actual interactions between real people, and our organisations work even more diligently (and with more leverage) to corporatize and anonymize the interactions. The irony, of-course, is that an organisation with guts can go in the opposite direction and win."

And Paul Graham on the challenge to ‘fix advertising’ (via):

"Advertising could be made much better if it tried to please its audience, instead of treating them like victims who deserve x amount of abuse in return for whatever free site they’re getting…the way to approach this problem is probably to start over from scratch: to think what the goal of advertising is, and ask how to do that using the new ingredients technology gives us."

In order to acheive different results you have to do something different. Fundamental change cannot happen without redefining what you think you know. The balance has tipped. Media and advertising which is human, personal, and social is the future.

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