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Google Firestarters 11 – The Strategy is Delivery

Exciting news. Google Firestarters is back, and for our eleventh event we've got a speaker whom I've wanted to have at Firestarters since we began almost three years ago – Russell Davies. So I'm really excited that we've managed to make it happen. Regular readers will know of my longheld admiration for what the Government Digital Service are doing in bringing digital transformation to government services, and a huge dose of agility to a distinctly un-agile environment. They've become something of a global exemplar and I think the learnings for planning (and beyond) from the way in which GDS have achieved what they have achieved are myriad.

Russell should need no introduction but is of-course currently the Creative Director at GDS. He's also a Campaign columnist and something of a planning legend, having run planning at Nike, Wieden and Kennedy, R/GA and O & M. So having arguably one of most influential strategists in the world talk about applying lessons from one of the most influential exemplars of digital service transformation and delivery is going to be fascinating.

The event is on the 3rd March at 6.30 start at Google HQ in London. As usual it's invite only but I have some guest passes to give away to readers of this blog. If you'd like one, please let me know in the comments or drop me a note.

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