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Performance Firestarters 5: Data

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You'll know by now that we have a spin-off series of Google Firestarters events that I also curate and that are specifically designed for the performance and search marketing community (we've looked at mobile, future of search, attribution and so on). We were calling them 'SearchFirestarters', but bearing in mind the breadth of their appeal and the fact that many people from wider performance marketing roles were attending, we've decided to change the name to 'Performance Firestarters'.

So, we've got our next Performance Firestarters event coming up on 24th April, 6.00pm at Google HQ in London. It's on the subject of data and we have three leading lights from data and analytics to provide us with some great provocation: Rob Jackson from Havas, Alistair Dent from Periscopix, and Ben Chesser from Footfall 123.

Data is such a hugely important subject right now. We're going to be considering the ways in which marketers and agencies can extract optimum value from data including how search insights might better support planning, how we better join up relevant data, whether we are underusing real-time insight or first party data, and what all this might mean for the future of performance marketing. Lots of fascinating stuff to cover. As always, I have some guest passes to give away to readers of this blog. So if you'd like to come along, do drop me a line.

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