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Google Firestarters Episode 14: Jim Carroll

Jim-Carroll I was so pleased when Jim Carroll said that he'd record an episode of Google Firestarters. As the former Chairman of BBH London and now a brand consultant he has so many pearls of wisdom about planning, strategy, the industry and life, and his blog is a wonderful fusion of art, culture and strategic wisdom. And true to form, this episode features many fascinating stories, analogies and insights on topics ranging from why planners need a continuous stream of inputs, the value they can bring as outsiders, and how they should act as psychotherapists to clients rather than doctors – listening, looking for patterns and insights. He talked about the risks of an over-focus on efficiency (what he called 'windtunnel marketing'), how case studies don't lead to transformative thinking, and how marketing can sometimes concern itself too much with looking back at success and sideways at competitive activities. So much to digest in this one. I hope you enjoy it.

Don't forget that you can watch all of the episodes of Google Firestarters that have been recorded so far over here.

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