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Memories…like the corners of something

Jon Howard has just posted on memories from 1977. It got me thinking about my most memorable year from the 70’s. My vote goes to 1976. Here’s 10  reasons why:

  1. The Montreal Olympics, which 33 countries boycotted because New Zealandhad a rugby team touring South Africa
  2. Nadia Comineci in the gymnastics, and watching the athletics in a caravan in a field somewhere on my parents idea of a holiday
  3. Great films like All the Presidents Men, Marathon Man, The Omen, Rocky, Taxi Driver
  4. Choppers (the bike that is). Very envious of the kid down the end of my road who had one.
  5. Starsky and Hutch
  6. The Muppets at the height of their powers
  7. The beginning of kids Saturday morning telly with multi-coloured swap shop
  8. Facial hair was in fashion (ref Noel Edmonds on no.7). Unfortunately I was too young to partake but apparently even Prince Charles became a beardy-wierdy (I can say that now that I have one)
  9. Great tunes…Bowie’s Golden Years (it really was), Thin Lizzy’s The Boys are Back in Town (they were for a while), and the birth of punk…
  10. And who can forget the hottest and driest summer ever. Remember pictures of cracked mud on the beds of dried up reservoirs? The crowd applauding at Lords when it finally rained in September?

Perhaps we could start a vote for the most memorable year, 70’s or not. What’s yours?

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