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24 becomes 60,000

24 The Sledge blog posted on monday about Sky’s new campaign for ’24’ created by Meme. Designed to appeal to hardcore fans and emulate the show, the idea was you registered online and followed a series of voice, text, video and e-mail clues which lead you on a hunt around the web. With 4 days to go the teaser campaign is reported to have attracted more than 60,000 players so far despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that it was seeded carefully in only a relatively small number of places. Now I don’t know about the benchmarks for effectiveness that were set for this campaign but you’ve got to think that of the audience size that 24 gets on Sky, and of those how many are real hardcore fans – to get over 60,000 of them interacting with the campaign to that degree ain’t bad. Shows, I think, how a great idea well targeted, that really involves its audience (see earlier posts) can fly, fly, fly.

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