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Throwback of the week

Boysdontcry I am, of-course, an 80’s throwback so rather than bury this fact in the odd post on my blog I thought I might be loud and be proud of my dodgy retro tastes by posting a regular ‘Throwback of the week’ in my sidebar (see left). This will be a weekly guide into the eclectic best of the alternative 80’s. I shall be featuring albums, films, books and perhaps even the odd bit of TV. On occasion I may stray outside of the 80’s, but seeing as how that is when most of my cultural references were truly formed, I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll be back. My first throwback is the seminal (as they say in the NME) ‘Head on the Door’ from The Cure. Any comments/feedback/restrained abuse welcome.

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