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As picked up by PFSK. Face2Face is a project designed to bring a better understanding between Israelis and Palestians by highlighting the similarities between the people on either side of the separation wall. Massive images of Israeli and Palestinian people who do the same job are being posted, today, face-to-face in unavoidable places on both sides. The images are black and white portraits taken very close up, of people pulling funny faces.

Facetoface The project is not sponsored or authorized by "any state, NGO, political party, yogurt brand, or lobby", but has been originated by two guys, a photographer and a technology consultant, inspired by the thought that "these people look the same; they speak almost the same language, like twin brothers raised in different families".

There’s something I love about this. What I love is that it’s a simple, human approach to one of the most complex situations on earth today.

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