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Global energies


The excellent Henley Centre Headlight Vision has released a report on what they call their ‘Global Energies’, the 12 global trends which are a “source of inspiration for new ideas and a spur for innovation, enabling companies to be more outward-looking, future facing and customer-focused”. Here are the highlights:

1.      Stop-Go Lives

The temptations and demands of modern society mean that consumers are living increasingly fast, full and flexible lives.

2.      Experiential Society

The quest for experiences among increasingly affluent and demanding consumers, keen to live life to the full

3.      Keeping It Real

The rising desire for authenticity in an increasingly artificial world where trust is in short supply.

4.      Making a Difference

The rising desire to make a difference in a world where ethics are increasingly in focus and information is spread more easily.

5.      Community Connections

New connections and communities in a fragmenting and globalising world.

6.      Re-Gendering

Changing gender roles and gender politics in an increasingly fluid and accepting world.

7.      Age redefined

New perceptions of and relationships with age

8.      Self Preservation Society

Strategies for looking after oneself in an increasingly uncertain and hostile world.

9.      Reframing Health and Well-being

Growing consumer interest and involvement in health and well-being.

10. Project Me

The thirst for self-improvement and strategies for achieving it.

11. Professional Consumers

Empowered consumers are increasingly demanding and sophisticated in their shopping patterns.

12. New Communication Currencies

The rising currency of visual communication and the customisation of information exchange.

None of these surprised me, but when they’re put together like this, it struck me how many of these are essentially about positive change or, if you like, optimisation – of time, effort, situation, options – whether driven by selfish or selfless aspirations. That’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

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