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Best of British


Not all great web 2.0 start-ups eminate from California. Techscape have just posted a list of ‘interesting’ and ‘sparky’  start-ups whose common thread is that they are based in and originated out of old blighty. These are my edited highlights (for the full list go here)

1. Sleevenotez

This clever site puts real-time content (wikipedia biographies, Flikr photos, You Tube vids, lyrics, discographies) around what you’re listening to on Last FM. Called ‘virtual packaging’ apparently.

2. Dropsend

Useful for sending large files (upto 1GB) or storing stuff online without installing software on your computer. That’s it. ‘Beautifully simple’ say the Techscape folk.

3. We Hang Here and Trusted Places

Kind of similar but WeHangHere wraps social networking around Google Maps to let people who hang out in the same places cluster online (although if they’re in that place a lot I guess they could just talk to each other), whereas TrustedPlaces finds cool places for you to check out based on people with the same tastes as you (rather than the other way around)

4. Design The Time

Not live yet but when it arrives it will apparently be a ‘virtual reflection of time’. The idea is there is a timeline that anyone can upload their content  to (photos, videos, posts), including footage and info on public events, and you can navigate through the site chronologically.

5. Crowdstorm

Social shopping. Find stuff to buy based on how much of a buzz there is around it. Sign up users whose opinion you trust for recommendations. If you spend too much via crowdstorm perhaps you’ll need to visit Zopa (social lending)

Some very nice ideas here.

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