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Information visualisation

The whole way in which we visualize, represent and navigate information and connections is increasingly and endlessly fascinating. I’m a real sucker for interesting new ones, so here’s a couple which caught my eye:

Arc from Digg Labs…"stories arrange themselves around the circle as users Digg them. Larger stories have more Diggs"


And as reported here, Twitter are about to launch a new section of their site which lists tools users can use to interact with the service off the site itself. It will feature "Twitter Block" – billed as "Discover new people on your Twitter block by navigating through this animated three dimensional visualisation of who follows whom." (I’m actually not a twitterer but I may have to become one just to try this out)


And seeing as it’s Friday afternoon, here’s a couple of extra (non-data) visualisations which I just happen to love…

The longest visual in the world (currently at nearly 25,000 cm, via the aforementioned) and Randomgotbeautiful (originally via), where random photos submitted by people are categorised and collaged by colour:


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