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Subversion in a Vase

I like it when established norms are turned on their head. So howabout this from Wallpaper*. Pieke Bergmans (who won Best Breakthrough Designer at their 2007 Design Awards) has produced a unique collection of vases (called "Unlimited Edition") derived from a production process she created which can mass-produce individual objects instead of identical ones – a process she calls "personalised mass production". As she explains on her website:

"No two people are the same, and neither are two of the hairs that grow on your head. I wish our products were a bit more like this as well. The next step in mass-production could be controlled imperfect production, for more interesting and personal objects."

What a lovely idea. So here’s how she produced this collection:

"We designed various templates that we placed into an extrusion machine, so the machine extruded an endless tube of clay. Because of the speed and malleability of the clay, the tubes force themselves out in impossible conditions and shapes."

She then cut the tubes at intervals and dried them on a table resulting in this:



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