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Mind The Gap


Apparently it’s supposed to be about racism. Not sure I would’ve known
that if I hadn’t read about it but I like it nonetheless. Yesterday I
went to see ‘the crack’ in the Tate modern and up close it looks amazing. A giant fissure right
across the floor of the great turbine hall.
Made by Doris Salcedo, the installation (‘Shibboleth’) is 584ft long and 3ft deep in places. Apparently in order to
construct it they had to excavate a giant trench in the concrete floor,
refill it to a mould and then finish it off with paint brushes. When I went there
were loads of people of all ages taking pictures and interacting with it. In the
first days of opening it was reported that several people had ‘fallen
into’ it. Only the Standard could write that.
Images courtesy of and. For more pictures go here

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