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New Guiness Ad Unlocked

Here’s the new Guiness ad. A couple of weeks ago they hid it online and posted this video hosted by Juan Ramon, the ‘wise mayor’ of the village. This, in keeping with the ‘good things come to those who wait’ theme, pointed users at a site which was the start of an alternate reality game featuring a trail of 11 clues (11 ‘dominos’) you had to solve in order to unlock where the ad was.


I have to admit that it was someone I work with, not me, that managed to navigate through all 11 clues. It was pretty convoluted but the challenge seemed to be entertaining quite a few people out there. The forum which was set up went into overdrive (there are now 97 pages worth of confusion, frustration and rejoicing). There was even a wiki set up to help solve it. And below is the result. At the time of writing this has had just been solved and had only had 544 views so is brand new. I think it was the guys at ichameleon and AMV  that did it all. Nice ad, smart way of revealing it.

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