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On Being More Than a One Trick Pony


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One of the debates going on in the blogosphere late last year was around the question of whether there was enough advertising to support all the start-ups and launches currently basing their business models on this revenue stream. This followed comments by Maurice Levy, that "there is not enough money for everyone". The answer is, of-course, a big fat no. But then, as Simon Waldman points out, "we’d be a rather unambitious industry if the total sum of our hopes and expectations was actually less than reality".

Advertisers in the UK already spend more money per person on internet advertising than any other country (£33), but this is still not enough. As ever, it will be the market that will decide the winners and losers in this game. And the winners will be those with a sound, engaging proposition, great content, a good model, and useful applications. There is an interesting distinction to be made, which Adriana neatly sums up:

"in the ‘channel world’ scale is in aggregation. In the networked world, scale is in distribution. That is why people from the former build platforms, people from the latter build applications that help distribution"

The longterm winners will be those that understand this dynamic, but also understand the interplay between technology and content, and the technologists and creative talent in their organisations. This kind of debate seems to be happening more and more. If it’s not it should be.

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