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Don’t Hang Up


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David Hepworth put me onto this great Radio 4 programme on Russell’s excellent speechification blog. Don’t Hang Up is a journey into the unknown. Presenter Alan Dein goes into a studio late at night and calls random phone boxes around the world, talking to the people who just happen to answer. In the episode Night Lines, he talks to a hitchhiking transexual in New Zealand, a friendly security guard in the Florida Everglades and a drunk teenager in Margate. In turns it’s an uplifting, charming, sad and slightly disturbing programme but I love the randomness of this idea – its sort of like an audio stumbleupon into people’s lives or as Alan describes it, "a voice leading me on a wild ride onto worlds unknown". You can download the programme here:

Download BBCRadio4DontHangUp_NightLines.mp3

"And so it begins…stumbling into people’s lives"

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