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Future Advertising (& Marketing) Trends 2

In the comments to this post on future ad trends Gavin pointed me at this presentation by the ever-insightful Paul. And I’m posting it as a follow up to the earlier post because a) it’s a more rounded round up and b) I’m in violent agreement with it.

It has all the key elements:- how the essence of branding hasn’t changed, but the model of how it is marketed has; how digital is playing an increasingly central role in brand storytelling; how brands can deliver value through marketing ("making people’s lives better"), through product innovation, talkability (purple cows…the product is marketing); how brands can add value through content ("content is the new currency"), and the importance of observing, listening, use of rich consumer insights, and collaboration. There’s probably more on the media story which could complement this (perhaps I might have a crack at it) but this is definitely worth a look. And you can read the context to the presentation here. Thanks Paul.

3 responses to “Future Advertising (& Marketing) Trends 2”

  1. Gavin Heaton Avatar
    Gavin Heaton

    Agreed … it is very nicely put together

  2. neilperkin Avatar

    Yep, thanks Gavin

  3. paul isakson Avatar
    paul isakson

    Hey guys, thank you both for your kind words and sharing this. It’s all coming as a bit of a surprise that it spread like it has, but I’m happy that people are finding it useful.
    Neil – I’d love to see your take on the media bit. The other two presenters at our lunch session were from our media group, so I stayed out of that area for mine.

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