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Powerpoint As Media

Just over a week ago I put a presentation I’d done on social media up on slideshare. After a day it had had 1500 views. After a week 5000. It’s now had over 8,000. If I was to present it once a day every working day it would take me about 32 years to get to that number. The original presentation which inspired it, which Paul put up a few weeks back, has currently had over 50,000 views. When I was chatting to James about this the other day, he pointed out to me that the most viewed presentation on slideshare (OK it’s six slides on how to set up a Hotmail account and they’re in Spanish) had acheived almost 1.4 million views. Shifthappens (remember that?) has had over half a million. And then of-course there’s the long tail. Powerpoint as a distributed medium? Who’d have thought it.
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  1. Oli Avatar

    Powerpoint is the new cool

  2. Oli Avatar

    Powerpoint is the new cool

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