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Big Ideas (don’t get any)

Wonderfully retro remix of Radiohead’s "Nude" courtesy of graphic design student James Houston and an assortment of early computing hardware. Featuring an Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer on Drums, an HP Scanjet 3c on Bass Guitar, a collection of hard drives as vocals and FX, and my own personal favourite – a Sinclair ZX Spectrum on rhythm and lead guitars. Says James:

"Based on the lyric (and alternate title) "Big Ideas: Don’t get any" I
grouped together a collection of old redundant hardware, and placed
them in a situation where they’re trying their best to do something
that they’re not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there."

Big Ideas (don’t get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

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***UPDATE: Radiohead’s amazing House of Cards promo film, shot without the use of cameras and using only lasers and scanners, is getting some good coverage and is also worth a look if you haven’t seen it.***

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