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THIS Is How Marketing Should Work


This is a picture of one of the footballs my twenty quid bought as part of the Great Football Giveaway, moments after it was given to these kids in Uganda. I absolutely love it.

The kids are pictured just north of a small town called Kakiri, about 25km north-west of Kampala. I was told that by the guys at Great Football Giveaway who have offered to send a photo to everyone who donated a football. Thing is, they didn’t just send me a photo, they gave me the story behind it which was even better:

"We were driving along and saw these kids walking back from school so we just lobbed them a ball and they started legging it to the nearest bit of open ground in order to start a game of footy."

Being able to see your donation in action is a hugely powerful thing. It can’t be easy for these guys to photograph, categorise and send out these little vignettes to the thousands of people who donated, but the fact that they have bothered shows how smart they are. It’s one of the most powerful pieces of personalised marketing I think I’ve ever come across.

You can buy footballs and netballs for the next Great Football Giveaway here. I’ve just bought another two.

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  1. Rob Mortimer Avatar
    Rob Mortimer

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  2. Rob Mortimer Avatar
    Rob Mortimer

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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