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Sleeveface, Bad Advertising And Travelling Gnomes

Regular readers of Dead Fish will know my impatience for campaigns which nick ideas without attempting to add or enhance them at all. I thought I'd seen the last of the Sleeveface rip-offs until Nick pointed out this one. I mean, come ON guys. For those radio stations who think they can pinch an ad campaign from another country and reproduce it almost exactly…here is the news – the internet is global (duh!). If you want to give good Sleeveface, there's only one place to go – as illustrated by the lovely Carmen Miranda here:

Meanwhile, Andy points us at a great example of an original Sleeveface-type idea from Michael Hughes who has travelled the world taking pictures of famous landmarks with a postcard of it worked into the image of the real thing.

Something about it reminds me of the travelling gnome prank. Which gives me an excuse to link to this.

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