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The Origins of The Conversation

Good presentation from Tom Himpe talking about the domain that sits somewhere between product innovation and marketing, and the evolution within marketing from message-centric to product-centric, from "creating talk value despite the average nature of products & services, towards creating talk value that is embedded in the products and services". I recommend you go read the full post, but Tom has identified 6 key facets:

1. Game-changing innovation
"The respective ad campaigns might have given each of these products a good push…the real conversation started from within the products"
2. Digital Technology
"…their best communication and promotion is the constant improvement of their core offering"…and.."digital technology changes the interfaces between products and their users"
3. Eco
"'Eco-marketing' is as much about the product innovation or product development as it is about marketing"
4. Design
"Design has the ability to inject emotion back into the product itself."
5. Co-creation
"The crowd-sourcing model…is both a new business model and a new marketing model."
6. Useful Marketing
"…adds value to the core offering, while promoting it and reaching out to people."

Good Purple-Cow-like stuff. This of-course speaks of the opportunity that agencies have to work in a different way with their clients, and whilst it's pleasing to see more moves being made in this area, should there not be more of this sort of thing going on?

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