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The Optimist Conspectus

I don't know whether it's because the sun has been shining lately or whether it's a reaction to the almost celebratory zeal with which certain sections of the news media seem to be covering the current economic malaise, but I'm feeling the need to remind myself that whilst things are bad, in amongst it all there remains a very human, and very steady, supply of optimism.

Seems like I'm not the only one. Ian has an interesting little project on the go called 'The Optimist Conspectus' which he describes as 'a survey of contemporary optimism'.  Put simply, he's collecting feedback to the question 'What is it that you are optimistic about?', with a view to creating a series of data visualisations around keywords on a geographic and temporal grid. 

Good for you Ian. For what it's worth, here (in no particular order or relation) are ten things I'm optimistic about right now:

I am optimistic (but a little scared) about being able to run a marathon in April.

I am optimistic that the power of the web to organise without organisation is fundamentally a good thing

I am optimistic that the coming generation of media and advertising graduates will take less notice of the way things have always been done and more notice of their own individual ability to create change and do great work

I am optimistic that the vegetable patch in my garden will be the best ever this year

I am optimistic about being able to lead, be a part of, and inspire positive change in the place where I work

I am optimistic about getting better at rockclimbing (even though I'm still a bit rubbish)

I am optimistic that one of the outcomes of this recession will be momentum towards greater business transparency and a more constructive form of capitalism

I am optimistic about being able to get tickets to see an upcoming Stone Roses reunion gig

I am optimistic about the curiousity and enthusiasm I see in people and it's power to make things happen

I am optimistic about marketing and advertising's ability to be inspiring, useful, and relevant.

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  1. fritopi Avatar

    ha, i totally dig that comic.

  2. fritopi Avatar

    ha, i totally dig that comic.

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