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How To Make It As An Advertising Creative

Scamp is back. For those of you not familiar with his blog (where have you been?) Scamp's place used to be the home of some great posts on the craft of creativity and also the liveliest comments section in ad land. He went quiet on us back in June in order to write a book. The book that is now launching on May 25th, and that has just become available for pre-order. If you're at all interested in becoming an ad creative, or in how creativity should work in ad land, order it now. If it's anything like the series of Tuesday Tips (like this one) he used to write it will be brilliant. To quote Scamp himself:

"it's all about what you need to know to be a successful creative, above and beyond being good at writing ads. So it's not about craft, it's about guile. It's about how to get the best out of directors, how to find the right partner, and how to sell more of your ideas to your CD"

You can order it here.

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    how to make an Ad

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    how to make an Ad

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