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I’m passionate about innovation, and particularly innovation in media. I run innovation workshops, and write often about the subject. Here is just some of my most talked about writing on the subject of innovation within business and media:

Invention, Innovation And Imitation …because there is a difference

The Eureka Myth …invention without innovation is a pastime

The Yin And Yang Of Marketing And Innovation …complementary, intertwined, critical

Democratising Industry …how one company is turning the car industry model on its head, and winning

Toxic Assumptions …there’s a big difference between cultural change and behavioural change

Agile Planning …in response to accelerating change, and a networked world, business has to get a whole lot more agile in culture, process and working practice

Social Innovation And Media …innovation in the media and journalism, and one very good example

Creative Disruption …continuous disruption and technology entrepreneurs

People Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It…Every organisation knows what they do, but how many know why? In the knowledge economy, the best businesses are those that start with the why

Sacrificing The Sacred Cows …in order to create a purple cow, you have to get rid of a few sacred ones first.

Changing The Game  …because the game is all about change. If you hadn’t noticed.

Stop The War …to achieve real change, we have to start with the language we use

Agile Advertising …how advertising needs to change its model

Caught Up In The System …inflexible corporate rituals, and the difference between inductive, deductive and abductive thinking

Unproductivity …breaking out of the ‘cycle of time-suck’

Technology As A Barrier To Change …New technology is usually viewed as both a driver and an enabler of change. But sometimes the reverse is true

Innovation Inertia – why do some companies seem to stop innovating?

The Strategy is Delivery – on the work of the Govt Digital Service, bringing agility to government

The Ten Types of Innovation – a broad based approach to innovation

The Key Elements of Organisational Change – five key elements, and what happens when one or more is missing

Toxic Assumptions (Redux) – a definition of the kind of assumptions that go unquestioned, but can lead to innovation inertia

Technical and Adaptive Change – different apporaches needed to deal with different types of challenges

Agility and Innovation – research, report, and a talk on the convergence of these two critical areas

The Innovation Value Chain – the component parts of a good innovation process

When Companies Become Boring – on combining data-driven decision making with altogether more human imperatives

Should We Abolish Patents? – it may not be such a crazy idea after all

If you’d like more information on the innovation workshops I run, then please contact me.