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Stuck In A Timewarp

Some months ago John started tweeting whatever was playing on his
headphones during his daily commute under the #commutebox hashtag. Some
other folks (including me) started doing the same, and before long quite a number of folk were doing what folk do best – sharing stuff,
discovering new stuff, writing the odd funny comment. Then Spotify social came along, and John had the idea of curating seasonal collaborative playlists: #commutebox Spring
and Summer. Now, for a bit of fun, he's asked other #commutebox
enthusiasts (including me) to curate collaborative playlists of their own. So here's
. It's called #commutebox Stuck In A Timewarp. Mostly because it's fair to say my musical tastes probably are. So this is a playlist of 80's covers – songs that were born in that decade but then covered by somebody else (I already note that one of my choices was strictly speaking late 1979 rather than 80s but I'm the curator so I'm allowing it). So think of your favourite covers of 80s tunes and please come and contribute. I'd ask you to be sensible about the number of songs you put on it (limit to 3 per person please), but let's see if we can spread the word and get a really good list going…

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