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Writing On Agile Planning

"Brands today cannot be sustained by what in the past has been called advertising…everything a brand does that connects to the consumer is media, is brand communication. If orchestrating the art of all those media conversations isn't advertising, then perhaps the creativity of what we'll do in the future needs a new name." Lee Clow

So I've been writing around the subject of agility in communications and business for some time now. And I figured it was timely to put all that writing into one place. Partly to help me keep track, partly because people have asked, but mostly because the feedback I've had has been very useful and I'd like to encourage more. So, I've collected all the most pertinent posts on the subject and put them onto one page, included a link to my Delicious tag on the subject, and added an 'Agile Planning' Link on the Nav bar across the top so that it's always accessible.

There's been some excellent thinking shared over the years which I think have helped move the debate forwards (notably around Transmedia, Propagation, Connections), and this is about sharing thinking too. The world doesn't need another label added to the planning vocabulary, but I need something to help frame it, and there seems to be some unique aspects to what I'm saying here, so Agile Planning it is.

It's worth noting though that what I talk about here stetches beyond planning methodologies, and into the very process of innovation – of coming up with ideas, commercialising them, taking them to market – and beyond even that, into the very processes of business itself. My aim is to challenge practices that have grown up in large organisations, in a different time, in a totally different environment.

This is me, thinking aloud. I have a lot more to say on this subject – it seems to touch so many areas – and so as I write more I will continue to aggregate all that thinking into that one place. Feedback on any of it, as always, very welcome.

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