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Good For Nothing

Good for nothing

I must admit, the idea of doing a kind of comms hack-day where developers got paired with comms specialists to work on a brief and actually produce something, like a web or mobile app, has been knocking around my head for a good while – inspired, I think, by some of the tech entrepreneur types I've met over the last year and hearing about events like Launch48.

There's so many gatherings where the main event is about one (smaller) group of people talking to another (larger) group of people (usually in quite a hierarchical way). Not that there's anything inherently wrong with events where people talk, just that I'd like to see more events of the type where people do.

Turns out that when I happened to talk to the guys at Pipeline about the idea, they'd been thinking the same thing, and the really good news is that they've gone ahead and organised just such an event. Goodfornothing is a described by Tom at Pipeline as "a sort of hack/rapid comms style thing, one day working on 3 live briefs". The idea is that a bunch of folk ("strategists, developers, designers, creative sorts, hackers, photographers, writers, film makers, bloggers, getting stuff done folk") gather for one day in an open space in EC1 to work on briefs from good causes including the Good Gym, and Global Generation. Its a great idea, and I for one shall be there. You can be too, by registering here

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