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Post Of The Month – January 2011 – The Vote

Good shortlist this month so thanks everyone for the nominations. Gemma asked if she could nominate the talk from Toby Barnes at Interesting North which was posted up in Jan. I don’t necessarily want to make a habit of incorporating talks into the vote, but I’m going to include it. Mostly because I really liked it. So there you go. OK, so our vote this time is between:

The Web Is A Customer Service Medium by Paul Ford

Messiness At Scale from Stowe Boyd

“Future Of Advertising” Is Utterly Depressing by Amelia Torode

Think While You Make, Make While You Think by Mel Exon

James Bond, Architecture Critic by Toby Barnes (warning: some swearing)

iPadonia And The Coming Ad Rebellion by Ben Kunz

Rockstars, Ninjas, and Assholes from Bud Caddell

 And you can vote below:

Which of these do you think should be Post Of The Month for January 2011?online survey

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