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The Like Log Study

The Like Log Study from Yury Lifshits on Vimeo.

Fascinating study here from Yahoo Labs that analysed 'Like' counts for 45 of the world's most popular news sites over the period of three months. It's worth taking a look at the site, but the findings showed just how well The New York Times is performing in terms of social engagement with no less than 2.3 million Likes per month (which, if you take the average Facebook friend count to be 130, gives an impressive incremental potential reach). Good to see The Guardian also performing well.

With more than 30 Billion pieces of content shared every month, Facebook is a massive content sharing ecosystem. But the other aspect of the findings that particularly interested me was seeing how sharp the decay in engagement actually is. Unsurprising perhaps, given the real-time nature of most socialised digital environments but even so, less than 20% of likes happen after the first 24 hours. Good stuff.

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