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Post Of The Month – March 2012 – The Vote

Thanks for the nominations (as noted below the MadeByMany nomination is for the blogging of an open development process, hence the reference to other relevant posts). Our shortlist for this month's vote is:

The Curation Debate by Noah Brier

The Picle Story from MadeByMany (you might also want to take a look at We're Launching PiclePicle is HerePicle What's NextThe Architecture Behind PiclePicle Developments )

The Human Truth About Retailing In A Digital World by Jon Steel

Where Are The New Radicals? by Gareth Kay

Content And The Internet by James Gross

Today Is The Most Exciting Time To Be Working In The Internet by Cath Richardson

Timeline Schmimeline by Andy Nairn

And you can vote below: 

Which Of These Do You Think Should Be Post Of The Month For March 2012?

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