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Post Of The Month – July 2012 – The Vote

To paraphrase one of our nominators, Phil Adams, it’s been a great month for blog posts. Which means we have an excellent shortlist in this months vote, which is between:

Leaving The Guardian, Creativity vs Mild Depression, The Quantified Self, and Running by Dan Catt

Client/Agency Engagement is F*cked, Waterfall UX Design is a Symptomfrom Leisa Reichelt

What Will Matter In The Future by Stowe Boyd

Three Interesting Pointers For The Future Of TV by Matt Locke

The Dark Knight Rises, The Aurora Shootings, and the Usurpation of Immersion from Siobhan O’Flynn

Google Glass and Outsourcing Our Memories by Tom Chatfield

Summer Reading…And Programming by Robin Sloan

And you can vote below

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