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The Squared Report November 2012


"There is no question that this is the most exciting time to be in our industry" Nicola Mendelsohn

You may well recall that I'm involved in the brilliant Google Squared programme. Run in partnership with the IPA and Hyper Island and designed to address the shortage of digital talent in our industry, the programme involves 60+ young agency stars going through an intensive six weeks of learning designed to challenge, inspire, and increase digital knowledge and thinking.

Earlier this year I ran a session on the difference between a fad and a trend which many of you kindly contributed to. This time around I was asked to give a keynote to open the second programme with a talk on the subject of digital transformation and rate of change. It was lots of fun. Graduation night was on Friday and as with the first programme, the delegates have come together to produce a State Of The Industry report in which they incorporate a broad range of industry opinions including agency MDs, CTOs, creatives, planners, Heads of Account Management, Heads of Innovation and so on, in response to some pretty big questions:

  • With such a high staff turnover within media should agencies have a different approach to the way they retain staff?
  • How do you put value on an idea in a fluid digital landscape?
  • What is the value of 10 million Facebook fans?
  • What is the value of data in the creative process?
  • To what extent will advances in technology force relationships within the hierarchical structure of any agency to change?
  • How do we strike a balance between encouraging clients to be brave and meeting expectations?

The foreword is by President of The IPA Nicola Mendelsohn, and the report is well worth a read. Go take a look.

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