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Nike and WireWAX

I don't often talk here about stuff I get sent (sorry PRs), but I've been following the work of Dan Garraway and the smart folk at WireWAX since they started out a few years back. WireWAX is a fascinating piece of technology that enables dynamic and clickable tagging of video content (more here). Nike have done quite a bit of work with them more recently and Dan told me that they'd just produced something for them that was interesting for a couple of reasons. The work is part of their #makeitcount campaign which is all about highlighting ordinary and extraordinary achievements of people and athletes, and personal pledges are nicely integrated into the film. This is the first time that the technology has been used on YouTube (you can see it in all it's glory on their channel) which is a pretty big thing, but what's also interesting is that the creative was designed from the beginning with the interactive functionality in mind. As Dan said to me:

"We're still in an era of creating traditional video content and then sprinkling digital on-top. What we saw here (and we're seeing a lot more of) is a brand asking for more than just the creation of a beautiful piece of video content. They are realising the opportunity and value of thinking about interactive in the conception of content".

Like most things, such technology works best when it's a part of the creative process from the start, rather than being retro-fitted later. And this is nicely done. 

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