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Post Of The Month – January 2013 – Nominations

Time to open up for nominations for the first Post Of The Month for the new year. I've had a few nominations sent to me already, and it's been a good month for great writing, all of which means I have decent list already. So as usual I've listed out some starters below and if you have any more, please add to them in the comments. I'll stick them all up for a vote very soon. My starting six are:

Brand Onions: The Crying Game by Martin Weigel

Maybe It's Our Expectations That Need To Change, Not Ad Agencies from Tim Dunn

A Creative Legends Lessons For Planners by Sarah Carter

What If Ad Agencies and Design Studios Stopped Fighting & Got Together? from Glyn Britton

Vision and Validation from Andy Whitlock

On Strategy. The Strategy is Delivery. Again by Mike Bracken

And you can nominate any more in the comments.

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