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Noticing, Creating and Being Young

Seth Godin, with a challenging viewpoint on raising 'free-range kids', taken from the last four minutes of this great podcast interview, hosted by Krista Tippett, and themed around the art of noticing, and then creating:

"As parents, we're often pushed to make this choice…keep your kids out of the connection world, isolate them, and make sure that they're 'safe'…or put your kids into the world and all hell will break loose. I don't think that's the choice. I think the choice is that everyone is in the world now, everyone is connected…but given that they're in the world, what trail are they going to leave? Are they doing it because they want to get into college? Or are they doing it because they understand that their role in society as a contributor starts now when they're 10, not when they're 24, and that the trail they leave behind starts the minute someone snaps their picture.

And if we can teach children that there isn't this bright line between on duty and off duty but that life is life and you ought to live it like people are looking at you, because they are, then we trust them. And we trust them to be bigger than they could be, because they choose to be bigger.

And it's that teaching that is so difficult to do as a parent because what you really want to do is protect them and lock them away until until it's time. But the bravest thing to do is have these free range kids who are exploring the edges of their universe but  doing it in a way that they're proud of, not hiding from." 

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