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Post Of The Month – March 2013 – Nominations

Back after a short break and already it's time to ask for nominations for Post Of The Month for March. So if there are any great posts that you read and that were posted in that month, please do nominate them in the comments below. As usual I have a starting list below. I'm cheating slightly by including a paper (my normal practice is to stick to posts only but this one is a particularly good read). Do add to these and once I have a good list I'll stick them all up for a vote. So my starting five are:

What You Know, What You Do, and What You Own by Matt Locke

Are Brands Fracking the Social Web? from John Willshire

No to No UI by Timo Arnall

The No UI Debate is Rubbish by Scott Berkun

Digital Isn't Working (Yet) by Ian Fitzpatrick and Eric Pelletier

And you can nominate your own favourites below.

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