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The 3D Printed Building

I've written a couple of times about Enrico Dini, the Italian who has developed a 3D printing machine that is big enough to print houses. At Next Berlin I saw a talk from architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars (from Universe Architecture) whose vision is to take this technology and 3D print not just a small dwelling, but a large, architecturally innovative building. The Landscape House is designed as a continuous structure that has no beginning or end, and one where the ceiling flows into the floor of the next level and vice versa. It's a design that is enabled by the radical way in which it is to be built, utilising Enrico Dini's huge D-Shape printer that uses ground-up rock or sand which is put into the printer and hardened by adding a binding agent.

What particularly interests me about this is that most of the focus on 3D printing is (understandably I guess) on the distributed manufacture of small, fun, practical or useful objects. But this is totally different. And the end result will be something quite beautiful.

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