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Post Of The Month – April 2013 – Nominations


Time to open up nominations for Post Of The Month. As usual I have a short starting list, which make for some good reading, but do add to these with any April posts that you've read and which you thought were particularly strong by leaving the link in the comments. I've included Antony Mayfield's Firestarters talk in this list but such was the quality I could have included them all. Anyhow, my starting four are:

The Art, Poetry & Music of Data Viz from Tom Uglow

Restructing Britain by Louise Downe

Can Agencies Innovate? from Antony Mayfield

The Lean Analytics Cycle by Avinash Kaushik and Alistair Croll

Introducing the Modern Marketing Manifesto from Ashley Friedlein

And you can add your own nominations below.

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