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The Rebirth Of The Newsletter

We all get too much email. But like Colin Raney (MD, IDEO, Boston), I still subscribe to quite a variety and number of newsletters. There's the usual industry ones. And they're OK for keeping up with stuff. But if I think about the ones that I actually enjoy reading, or find particularly useful, it's those that come from smart individuals who are curating good content. Colin makes the point about how valuable curated newsletters can be. It's a value I strive to achieve with my own weekly round up. So, echoing Colin's list of newsletters that he likes, here's a few of my own favourites, along with the link to subscribe and the reason I like it: 

Mobile Fix from Addictive Mobile and (friend of ODF) Simon Andrews. Subscribe here.

Why: Simon really knows Mobile and this is always a well curated, insightful and useful take.

Benedict Evans' mobile newsletter

Why: he's a smart analyst, and has a sensible take. Curates mobile industry news, blog posts, occasional data points

The Brainpickings Weekly round up

Why: It's a collection of Maria's blog posts from the week but always something I want to read in it.

Hiut Denim's Scrapbook Chronicles

Why: Eclectic, tasteful, sometimes inspiring, sometimes quirky. That's a pretty good mix.

And of-course I should mention the newsletter from which I got the link to Colin's piece – Rosie Siman's Tuesday Ten.

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