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Marketing For Good

Lots of brands and agencies have initiatives for social good. But what if you could really embed that premise into everything that you do?  Last week I spoke at the Google Talent Revolution event in London. Also on the bill was social entrepreneur Sam Conniff, who is the Chairman of youth marketing and engagement agency Livity. Sam talked very eloquently about the systematic waste of one of the most precious natural resources and powerful forces for change and good that we have – the talent of our young people. 

Livity is based in Brixton and works with young people to help realise their real talents (often helping them lift themselves out of a life of gangs and crime in doing so) and provide unique insight and services to companies whilst doing so. There were some amazing success stories that were hugely moving. It really makes you think about the potential for working with young talent in a different way and what could happen if you could scale this kind of more-than-profit approach. We often talk about meaningful marketing, but here's something that really lives that promise. You can see more about the work of Livity here.

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