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There’s Meaningful Change, and Then There’s…

Fox News giant tablets
Two very different perspectives on digital change came this week, both in the context of news organisations. First the revamped Fox News newsroom (above) featuring bizarre 'big area touchscreens'. Then Lionel Barber's memo to staff on reshaping the FT for the digital age which talked of a fundamental re-shaping of workng practices and approach ('In future, our print product will derive from the web offering – not vice versa'). 

Lots of companies talk about transforming their business and going 'digital first', but shiny technology is only a (relatively small) part of the equation. Without the underpinning of new working habits, behaviours, processes, shift patterns, strategy, culture, and relationships with customers it's just the magpie syndrome.

(Full disclosure: I've been doing some work recently with the FT alongside Econsultancy, and Adam Tinworth).

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