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Post Of The Month – October 2013 – Nominations

Time to nominate the best posts that you have read in the month of October for Post Of The Month. As usual I have a starting list below. This month you'll see I've combined three posts into one nomination – its unusual for me to do this but I think it makes more sense in this case since they were all closely related as part of the same discussion (hosted on Contagious). Please add to this list with your own nominations in the comments. So my starting four are:

Give me the Freedom of the Gloriously Broad Brand, and Learning to Love Fuzziness, and The Benefits of Messy Brands by John Willshire, Martin Weigel, and Mark Earls respectively

Activities not Audiences by Russell Davies

The Theory of Peak Advertising and the Future of the Web by Tim Hwang and Adi Kamdar

Strategy in Reverse from Matthew Daniels

And you can nominate your good reads below.

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