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Micro-Multinational Companies

“If the late 20th Century was the age of the multinational company, the early 21st will be the age of the micro multinational: small companies that operate globally”

Hal Varian, Google Chief Economist, quoted at the Global Competitiveness Forum in Riyadh.

And just one of a number reasons (from this Wired post on the subject) why the networked world is transformative in this context – resourcing:

"Micro-multinationals turn inside out an organizational fad of the 1990s: the incubator. But whereas incubated startups divest some business functions to their investors, micro-multinationals purchase these functions from subcontractors. Incubators allow startups to concentrate on what economists call a "comparative advantage" – the thing that any economic entity does best and most cheaply. Alas, incubated startups were also at the mercy of their patrons' whims. Micro-multinationals, by contrast, control their own fortunes."

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