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More Development On Fraggl


Last week we did a big development sprint on Fraggl. Since we launched the beta in December sign ups have far exceeded our expectations (which is amazing) and open and click rate (two key measures for us) have remained consistent and consistently higher than industry average (by a large multiple). We did a user survey a couple of weeks back and that enabled us to validate a number of approaches we've taken as well as get some broader feedback. We've been making regular tweaks to the service but wanted to push through some bigger changes and also do some more work on the forward looking roadmap. So it's a good time to do a bit of an update.

To begin with, we've implemented a number of fixes including the removal of duplicate links (occasionally something was getting surfaced more than once), further tweaks to the algorithm, and (importantly) the implementation of responsive formatting to make it play nicer on mobile. We're also redesigning the website to improve the UX, and working on a better reporting app that can give us improved insight into current usage.

Looking forwards, we've done a lot of thinking around developing the roadmap, and what the future offering and model could look like, doing things like starting by writing the release for our idea (aping the Amazon product development process), creating mock-ups and walkthroughs that explain the user experience, making a pitch deck and so on. We have some tremendously exciting ideas around how the Fraggl offering could develop, how we can create more value for our users, and how we might take the product into some new areas working with some interesting partners (more on that soon). As part of this we're running an experiment to see what happens when we plug the algorithm into a pre-curated list from a different vertical subject area and the results so far have been really interesting, so lots to think about.

In the meantime, our thanks to all those who have provided feedback so far, and watch this space (and Fraggl on Twitter) for more updates. And if you'd like to try Fraggl out, you can of-course sign up here.

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