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A New Brand Of Marketing

ScottScott Brinker is one of my favourite writers on the convergence of marketing and technology. He has an excellent blog, and has just released a free (and at 40-odd pages, short) book on A New Brand Of Marketing. He defines this in the context of two overarching shifts – a broadening in the scope of marketing in a hyper-connected world, and secondly how technology is taking over marketing. These shifts are the result, he says, of seven 'meta-trends', several of which I've written about extensively myself:

  1. From traditional to digital
  2. From media silos to converged media
  3. From outbound to inbound
  4. From communications to experiences
  5. From art and copy to code and data
  6. From rigid plans to agile iterations
  7. From agencies to in-house marketing

The book is free, available for download here (PDF), and looks rather good.

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