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Fraggl and Google Squared

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So, some excited news on Fraggl. The Fraggl team (that's me and AdaptiveLab) have been focused on delivering continuous improvements to the consumer beta product that we have created, and (alongside the usual tweaks) the members of our Pioneers Club that we launched recently will know that we've been testing out the kind of job the algorithm can do at surfacing great content against a new list of subjects from an entirely new category (we picked design). We had some great and encouraging feedback from our test which has validated how good the algorithm is and the fact that, whilst its not perfect, there is an appetite for different types of content. The key question is how we combine those different types in an optimal way for users. More on that soon.

In the meantime, the other area we're keen to explore is the idea of creating a B2B proposition that involves creating a bespoke version of the product, based on tailored input, that can act as an insight/inspiration source for businesses. We believe that the kind of content that Fraggl can surface has the potential to be one of the optimal sources of regular input and inspiration that a team can have access to, and can be hugely effective at connecting a team with the best thinking, and thinkers, in their industry (or even a related one). So I'm delighted to announce our first product in this area, for which we have partnered up with Google, who are running a bespoke version of the product as part of their Google Squared programme. If you are a Squared alumni and would like to try the service out you can sign up to it here.

We're really pleased to be working with Google, and want to do more in this space, so if you're interested in becoming a future Fraggl partner business do drop me a line.

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