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Post of the Month – August 2014 – Nominations


Time for nominations for Post of the Month – if there are any posts that you have read over the past month that you particularly liked please do nominate them via the comments below or direct. I have a short starting list below. You'll see I have a double nomination for John Willshire – all through the month of August John was writing a post a day thrashing out a new theory of everything Willshire. It was quite something, and one might almost take the whole iterative lot as one nomination. But to make it somewhat more digestible I've selected out three key posts that were especially significant for me (the starting thesis that defined the shape of it and I've combined this with his 'culture matrix' which followed on as essentially an output of that thinking, and his take on Flow Engines). Please do add to these nominations, but my starting four are:

Balance is a Dynamic Activity by Antony Mayfield

People and Space/The Culture Matrix from John Willshire

Designing Flow Engines from John Willshire

How To be Polite by Paul Ford

And you can nominate your own favourites below or direct.

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