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I was rather saddened to get a notification that OhLife was shutting down at the end of this week.  It was the simplest of diary/memory apps that sent you an email at the end of each day asking one simple question: How did your day go? Write a reflection on the day and you'd get a reminder of it at some point in the future. I didn't necessarily think it would be a long-term thing when I signed up but several years later I was still using it. Like Eric, I believe in the power of gratitude, and found OhLife to be a great way of reminding myself of the small but positive things that happen every day that you would otherwise forget. So it will be a shame not to have it around. I know there's a bunch of visual memory apps (like Timehop and such) but does anyone know of something similar to OhLife?

The image is of the excellent Holstee Manifesto

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